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WINDOWS KIT seedbed 27 cells. NORTHENE

WINDOWS KIT seedbed 27 cells. NORTHENE

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Do you lack space to plant and grow your seeds? The Windows Kit is a mini-greenhouse specially designed to be placed on a window ledge. The growth of your seeds will accelerate and all this in a small space so as not to waste space: Practical and effective!

Benefits. It allows the germination of seeds or the transplantation of plants. It has a lid to achieve the greenhouse effect and achieve optimal conditions for the development of plants. Format adapted to window edges.

Tips for use:
Use special potting soil and not garden soil. Fill the cubicle with soil, sow, water and cover the greenhouse. It should be placed in a place where there is plenty of light but without direct sunlight (a temperature of 18° to 20° is recommended). Moisten the bottom regularly. Progressively prepare the plant at room temperature by removing the lid. Once the plant reaches a sufficient size, transplant it into a pot or into the garden.

Characteristics. Made of thermoformed polypropylene.
Dimensions: 49 x 15.5 cm.
Inner tray with 27 alveoli.
European manufacturing.

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