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Perlite is a material that requires industrial manipulation despite being of volcanic origin. It is the mineral component with the lowest density, which makes it tremendously light . It is the most widely used component to facilitate the aeration of substrate mixtures. There are large deposits of this material in Italy, a nearby country where most of what is used in Spain comes from. Its affordable price, ease of handling and transportation and the fact that it is practically chemically inert and has a neutral pH, would give it preference in mixtures where a high percentage of mineral elements is sought, but without making the final substrate too heavy. Perlite has about 14% closed intraparticle pores, so its total* effective porosity would be 81.4%.

As a summary of the perlite:

  • THE GREATEST LIGHTNESS of all mineral ingredients.
  • Lasts 3 - 4 years. It disintegrates into smaller particles over time.

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