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Acaricide (Clofentecin 50% w/v) - JED. SIPCAM GARDEN (8 ml)

Acaricide (Clofentecin 50% w/v) - JED. SIPCAM GARDEN (8 ml)

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Specific acaricide from the SIPCAM brand that acts by contact on eggs and larvae of the main mites. It has a strong shock effect and great persistence.

Authorized in outdoor gardening.

COMPOSITION: Clofentezin 50% w/v (500 g/l) - solution (SC)

DOSE: dilute 0.53 ml/liter of water

APPLICATION: sprayed on eggs/larvae

DURATION: single dose, great persistence

Registration number: 17021

Pome fruit trees Tetranychid Mites security period: 35 days
Strawberry, Melon and Cucumber Tetranychid Mites safety period: 3 days
Raspberry and Tomato Tetranychid Mites Safety period: 7 days
winemaking vine Tetranychid Mites security period: 30 days
Citrus Tetranychid Mites Safety period: 21 days
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