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TAXONOMY of CACTACEAS by Joël Lodé. Vol. I and II

TAXONOMY of CACTACEAS by Joël Lodé. Vol. I and II

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The new classification of Cactus also based on molecular research and explained in two indivisible volumes:
Vol. I: Acanthocalycium – Lymanbensonia
Vol. II: Maihuenia – Yungasocereus
1436 pages / + 9500 photos
Spanish Edition.

First classification of cacti based essentially (but not only) on molecular genetics (DNA) and explained.
No book on cacti had ever gone so far in illustration, both in quantity (+ 9500 photos) and quality, but also in diversity, with the plants photographed in the habitat and in collection, in different states of growth, with flowers, fruits and even seeds, (more than 360 species photographed with a digital microscope).

– 177 genres recognized, described and explained.
– About 2360 taxa listed (sp. + subsp.) and photographed in alphabetical order,
– +1436 A4 size pages,
– +9500 photos taken in habitat and in cultivation,
– +360 photos of seeds,
– Illustrated pollinators and dispersers,
– Minimum/maximum altitude graphs,
– Illustrated etymology of genres,
– 177 distribution maps,
– Illustrated seeds for each genus,
– Description of the habitats for each genus,
– Precise geographical distribution of each genus,
– 22 geographical maps of the countries,
– Glossary,
– Bibliography (500 citations),
– Index and synonyms (separate fascicle)

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