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Multipurpose Fungicide Gun. MASSÓ® PROTECT (750 ml)

Multipurpose Fungicide Gun. MASSÓ® PROTECT (750 ml)

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MASSÓ® PROTECT Multipurpose Fungicide from Massó Garden is a contact fungicide formulated as ready-to-use, undiluted. It has preventive and curative action. Its multi-site mode of action makes the risks of resistance emergence unlikely.

COMPOSITION: Potassium hydrogen carbonate, 0.425% w/v in liquid form to be applied undiluted (Al). Registered in the ROPF with number ES-00765.


DOSE: Apply every 7 days.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: SHAKE BEFORE USE. Fungicide treatments by foliar spraying. Ready-to-use product, no dilution required. It is not resistant to washing by rain. If precipitation is greater than 20 mm, the product must be applied. Depending on weather conditions and level of infestation, repeat applications every 3-8 days. Do not treat if the daytime temperature is above 25ºC. At high temperatures, do not apply to horticultural crops, medicinal plants and small fruits, and greenhouse uses.

High humidity during or after application increases the effectiveness of the treatment, so it is advisable to apply the product in the morning or afternoon, when the humidity is high.

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