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Thermal protection blanket 30 g/m2

Thermal protection blanket 30 g/m2

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Thermal protection blanket 3 meters wide.

Price: €2 every 3 m 2

Fabric: polypropylene

  • Grammage : 30 g/m²
  • Permeable : Allows the passage of water and air, so it does not have to be removed to water.
  • Easy handling
  • It protects plants from cold , frost and frost down to -8ºC, as it creates a microclimate between the soil and the blanket that favors the growth of xerophytes.
  • High transparency of 80%
  • Acts as a shield against inclement weather such as hail and strong winds.
  • Avoid contact of plants with birds and insects.

Sale by units of 3 square meters.

Protect your cacti, succulents and other xerophytic plants against winter frosts.

In bad weather...Greenhouse and thermal fabric. Don't make efforts to move your plants!
Protection: rain, frost , strong winds and hail.

Plantcover fleece

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