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Volcanic Picon

Volcanic Picon

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Three sizes. Three functions.

The volcanic peak.


⚗️Its physical, chemical and hydrophysical properties will allow this mineral component to be used differently depending on its granulometry (average particle size).

🔹It has a total porosity of 71% and thanks to the internal pores it has an aeration capacity of 48.5%, which is higher than perlite. It does not retain nutrients (very low Cation Exchange Capacity) and has a pH of 7.5

1️⃣Picón fine. With homogeneous grain sizes of 2-4 m.
✔️It is used to make growing substrate mixtures. It should not be mixed with particles of other larger minerals. We know that mixtures with homogeneous sizes work better regarding drainage of water in the substrate.
✔️Can be used as coverage in mini-sized or slow-growing xerophytes: Lithops, Haworthias, etc.

2️⃣ Medium Picón. With granulometry of 5-7 mm. Ideal as a covering aggregate for medium-sized plants. Mainly grown in pots.

3️⃣Thick Picón. With sizes of 8-12 mm. Perfect for large plants and pots and for application as coverage in garden areas.


✔️In irrigation season, we will have to water less as we lose less water due to surface evaporation
✔️Thermal cushioning of the substrate
✔️Prevents proliferation of weeds
✔️Keeps the necks of plants ventilated: dry necks = healthy necks.
✔️Slow contribution of iron to the soil

Ahhh and the rough surface without sharp edges and edges is soft and respectful of the tender tissues of our cacti and succulents.

Which one do you use and how do you use it?

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