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Polyvalent Systemic Fungicide (Difenoconazole) - Zolfe. SIPCAM GARDEN (5ml)

Polyvalent Systemic Fungicide (Difenoconazole) - Zolfe. SIPCAM GARDEN (5ml)

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Zolfe (Difenoconazole) from SIPCAM is an Emulsifiable Concentrated Systemic Fungicide (EC), with the capacity for upward and downward translocation, including the root system. It is recommended in the preventive and curative control of Dent, Monilia, Rust, Alternaria.

COMPOSITION: Difenoconazole (CAS No. 119446-68-3) 25% w/v (250 g/l). Contains petroleum solvent Naphtha (CAS No. 64742-94-5).


DOSE: dilute 0.66 ml/liter of water.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply as a normal foliar spray. It is advisable to start applications preventively or at the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease.

BROTH PREPARATION: Pour the necessary amount of product into the manual spray equipment according to the product instructions (dilute 0.33 ml/liter of water) and complete with the necessary volume of water. For Xerophytic plants it is advisable to dilute double the dose, that is, 0.66 ml/liter of water.

OBSERVATIONS: To achieve effective performance of the product, applications must be made during the period of active growth of the plant.

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