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Desert CHOICE® Iron. 250ml

Desert CHOICE® Iron. 250ml

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COMPOSITION. Iron (Fe), soluble in water (2.2% w/w), Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHSA (2.2% w/w).

HOW TO USE. Shake before using. The full cap is good for 6 liters of water. Water directly on the soil. Apply once every 10 days.
Use in home gardening.

PRECAUTIONS. Product not intended for ingestion. Do not eat, drink, or smoke during use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Iron is a non-mobilizable nutrient, it is one of the microelements that is most commonly lacking in our plants and yet it is a crucial element for their healthy life, since it is involved in the production of chlorophyll, a pigment responsible for photosynthesis. The lack of iron can be detected by observing the tips of the leaves of our plant; if they are yellowish, it is usually due to a lack of iron. In the case of cacti we will observe the yellowish color in the area of ​​new growth, near the apex.

Feed your plants with Desert CHOICE® IRON, promoting their growth and health.

  • Facilitates the availability of iron.
  • Prevents yellowing of leaves.
  • Restore the photosynthesis process.

Use Desert CHOICE® IRON on your plants, promoting their growth and health.

Volume: 250ml

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