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Desert CHOICE® Flowering. 250ml

Desert CHOICE® Flowering. 250ml

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COMPOSITION. SOLUTION PK 8-5. Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water: 8%, Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water: 5%, micronutrients: Boron (B): 0.6%, algae extract*: 20%. *Provides beneficial compounds such as betaine, alginic acid, mannitol, polyamines and amino acids. The latter are known as BIOSTIMULANTS.

HOW TO USE. Shake before using.

  • Root application. Prepare a solution from 10 ml of fertilizer (1 small cap per 1 liter of water), 30 ml (1 whole cap per 3 liters). Water the substrate. Fertilize once a month in reflowering species: from April to September.
  • Foliar application. Take 5 ml and dilute in 1 liter of water. (half the root application dose). Add 2 to 3 ml/liter of water of Desert BIN potassium solution that will act as a surfactant. Pour into a sprayer and apply at sunset, when the plant's stomata are open. Fertilize every 15 days in reflowering species.

Use in home gardening.

PRECAUTIONS. Product not intended for ingestion. Do not eat, drink. Do not smoke during use. Keep out of the reach of children.

We present our recipe rich in essential nutrients in the floral induction processes: Desert CHOICE® Flowering. In addition to Phosphorus, Potassium and Boron, it has a profile of amino acids and other compounds derived from the algae Ascophylum nodosum that act as flowering enhancers and protectors against water stress during the spring-summer months.

Join rational fertilization, choose Desert CHOICE®.

  • High concentration of Assimilable Phosphorus.
  • With 20% algae extract.
  • With Betaine, Alginic Acid, Mannitol and Polyamines.

Use Desert CHOICE® FLOWERING to intensify flowering and cause recurring blooms, filling the pantry with new raw materials and biostimulants of natural origin.

Volume: 250ml

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