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This mineral is highly porous, allowing it to store about 40% of its weight in moisture, ensuring water supply under adverse conditions. It facilitates root aeration, reducing substrate compaction, without promoting the accumulation of salts or altering the pH over time. It has a characteristic bluish-white color.

It is a mineral component ACTIVE , since it has a high cationic exchange capacity similar to clays (phyllosilicates) but without the compaction drawbacks of these. Its use in growing substrate mixtures is very recent. It is never used in a proportion greater than 15% by volume in the final mixture.
In the cultivation of cacti and succulents, it is the one with the greatest reserve water due to its open intraparticle micropores. It is also capable of ad absorb volatile organic compounds.
In summary, Celtonite:
  • Great pantry of nutrients. ACTIVE mineral substrate.
  • Reserve water available for cacti due to their open micropores.
  • Reversible rehydration.
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