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Desert CITY



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Arlite or expanded clay is a very light ceramic aggregate manufactured by heating pieces of clay in a rotary kiln at approximately 1200°C. In the lower layer we recommend placing a layer of Arlite, it is an expanded clay that promotes drainage, preventing rotting of the plant due to excess water.

When the apices of the roots collide with the Arlite, growth is slowed and the roots bifurcate, making the root network larger throughout the entire substrate , instead of the roots ending up emerging from the bottom of the pot. In addition, it prevents the substrate from being lost through the drainage holes and has a thermal cushioning effect.

  • Prevents rotting of the plant due to excess water.
  • Improves moisture retention.
  • Provides better oxygenation to the roots.
  • inert substrate.
  • Reusable.

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