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Triple Action Pistol (3 in 1). MASSO (750 ml)

Triple Action Pistol (3 in 1). MASSO (750 ml)

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MASSÓ GARDEN triple action . Effective treatment with triple action effect:

  1. INSECTICIDE: control of insects (aphids, caterpillars).
  2. ACARICIDE : control of mites.
  3. FUNGICIDE: to cure diseases so common in ornamental plants (herbaceous and woody; indoor and outdoor), even during the flowering period. It does not stain or alter the color of the plant.

COMPOSITION: Deltamethrin 0.001%, Tebuconazole 0.02%, Abamectin 0.0015% (AL) P/V. Registered in the ROPF with number ES-00157.


DOSE: Between 1 and 4 applications with an interval of 7 days between applications.


  • Spray the product directly on the plant from a distance of 30 - 40 cm so that the entire surface of the leaves (front and back) and the rest of the surface of the plant are treated.
  • Apply a maximum of 4 applications per year, leaving a minimum interval between applications of 7 days.
  • Do not treat during central hours of high heat or when the plant is exposed to severe sunlight.
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