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PITCH MASSÓ anti-mealybugs, Piriproxifen 10% (10 ml)

PITCH MASSÓ anti-mealybugs, Piriproxifen 10% (10 ml)

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PITCH Anti-mealybugs , based on pyriproxylen, is an insecticide with ingestion and contact activity that acts in the different stages of development of insects as a growth regulator. It is effective in controlling mealybugs and whiteflies.

COMPOSITION. 10% Pyriproxifen w/v (100 g/l) in the form of emulsifiable concentrate (EC). Contains petroleum solvent naphtha, CAS No. 64742-94-5. Registered in the ROPF with number 24,196.

Apply by hand spray.

SAFETY PERIODS: (days that must elapse between the last treatment and the harvesting of fruits intended for human or livestock consumption); Plum, peach and nectarine trees: 15 days. It does not apply to the rest.

BROTH PREPARATION: Fill the manual spray equipment up to half, pour the necessary amount of product and complete with the necessary volume of water. Contains dispenser.

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