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Cactus with Heart: Much more than just thorns.

Cactus with Heart: Much more than just thorns.

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MERCEDES GARCÍA was born in Madrid in 1962.
She studied pharmacy and has always been passionate about
the most drought-resistant plants: cacti and all
the xerophytic ones. While developing his professional career
sional in different pharmaceutical multinationals,
He grew these plants as a hobby. Thus, he joined his travels
I work around the world with constant search and
learning about the plants that live in the regions
arid and semi-arid regions of the planet.
Finally, on the verge of fifty, he returned to
university to graduate as an agricultural engineer,
with the purpose of discovering the agronomic aspects
and most advanced technologies of its cultivation and investigate
how to use them in the recreation of landscapes and spaces
greens that represent real water savings,
resources and maintenance in our latitudes.
He currently shares his knowledge with the
people who love and respect nature and are dedicated to
xeriscaping, creating truly
sustainable, through its great project: Desert CITY .

  • Softcover: 312 pages
  • Publisher: LA EFERA DE LOS BOOKS, SL (June 24, 2020)
  • Spanish Language

Guide to discover the goodness and beauty of cacti (Spanish) Softcover.

Cacti are adorable plants despite their thorns. They ask for very little care, but if you treat them as they deserve, they give a lot in return.

The author of this book, a lifelong "cactóphile" and founder of Desert CITY , the largest landscape and experimental garden of cacti and xerophytic plants in Spain, teaches us to know them, understand them and, above all, to care for them so that they grow healthily. , flourish and let's not worry about them.

How to choose the cacti that best suit our house
When and how to water them
let them rest
Know how they feel at all times
A very practical guide to growing cacti with hearts!

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